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What Does it Take to Build a Dream Team?

Posted by Lisa Foley on Aug 2, 2021 2:30:00 PM

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Many leaders feel stuck managing people issues. Rather than driving results, they’re busy wrestling with conflict and diverse personalities. Meanwhile, performance is poor, the team is frustrated, and the strategy is at risk.


Leaders can use PI’s Team Discovery™ tool to harness the power of data to understand their people. Insights from this tool empower leaders to tap into the team’s natural strengths—and address areas that can cause conflict or tension within the team. With Team Discovery, leaders are able to ensure their people are positioned to achieve optimal results.

Everyone wants to lead or be a part of a dream team. Discover how Team Discovery and talent optimization can help build your dream team today.

Watch video here.


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Topics: Talent and Leadership Development Resource, Strategic Leadership

Lisa Foley

Lisa Foley

Lisa's blend of business acumen and leadership development expertise were honed during her 30-year career as a leader across many disciplines in the financial services industry and consulting. An entrepreneur at heart, Lisa’s passion for helping companies grow began with her family’s multi-generational business. She believes leadership makes the difference between business success and failure and she works to train, develop, and mentor business leaders.

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