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Stay up to date with our latest insights and resources
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Construction Services

With over 100 years of experience in the construction industry, Meaden & Moore understands the business cycles, the special income tax issues, the reporting and bonding requirements, and the unique risks and opportunities that contractors face each day.

We have forged close relationships with our industry professionals who recognize that we understand the requirements of the construction industry. That means you have access to our expert construction accounting and tax services and the trust of bonding companies and bankers who have come to know us and respect our capabilities.

Construction equipment

Team Continuity

Our service teams include highly trained associates in the construction industry. This allows for seamless compliance services along with value-added advisory expertise. Our service model includes regular and direct involvement from senior executives. We go beyond compliance requirements with year-round counsel.

We have low employee turnover rates, which results in a more consistent service team. This ensures effective and efficient compliance services and a more in-depth understanding of your business needs and long-term goals over time.

Building under construction
Construction site

Construction Accounting & Tax Resources

Is your construction company growing or does it simply need accounting and tax assistance from the experts?

Stay up to date on what’s happening in the industry with these dedicated resources.

Energy & Mining Services

Meaden & Moore provides insurance accounting, claims evaluations, economic damage assessments, dispute resolution, litigation support services, tax, audit, and advisory services to the energy and mining sectors.

Our legacy of knowledge coupled with our expertise in today’s technologies allows our group to deliver unparalleled service. Whether you need a valuation expert in South Africa or a forensic accountant in Australia, we're ready to deliver rigorous attention to detail and local resources.

Mining equipment

Meet Your Needs

Our immediate response, legacy of knowledge and pooling of global resources is unrivaled in the industry. Contact us today and we’ll assemble an advisory team especially for you with the tools and expertise you need to meet your needs.

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How Can We Help You?

Speak with a Meaden & Moore expert today to discover ways to improve your business.

Hotel & Hospitality Services

When competition and margins are tight – which is usually the case in the hospitality sector – you need access to a full-service accounting and consulting firm like Meaden & Moore.

In addition to the traditional hotel accounting and tax services, we offer exceptional value-add offerings that enable you to take a more strategic, proactive approach to managing and growing your hospitality operation.

Hotel lobby

Hotel & Hospitality Services

Fully equipped to address the complex needs of hotels, restaurants, convention centers, and entertainment facilities, Meaden & Moore offers specialized expertise in acquisitions, business interruption, cash-flow forecasting, estate planning, litigation support and valuation.

Upscale hotel room
Charts displayed on computer screen

A Simple Introduction to Valuation

This whitepaper will give an overview of how valuation works, specifically for privately held companies.

Insurance Services

By getting involved in the claim process from the start, Meaden & Moore quickly identifies and resolves issues before they become problems. With considerable knowledge of accounting systems and extensive experience with insurance claim evaluations, our specialists ensure that documentation of claim charges is initiated quickly and accurately.

Our insurance claims services include property, liability, fidelity/theft, builder’s risk and financial.

Building on fire

Resourceful and Flexible

Our professionals obtain crucial financial data as well as uncover pertinent information related to a company or an industry. By examining the information provided by the insured to data gathered from internet research, government reports, and industry publications and statistics, we provide a comprehensive evaluation of a financial claim.

Meaden & Moore values its relationships with representatives of insurance carriers and claimants. Our professionals continuously communicate with adjusters regarding the status of our assignments. In addition, we identify and resolve potential issues in concepts and terminology before they cause problems.

Credit card with lock around it sitting on keyboard
Chain link with data

Virtual Currency & Blockchain: Emerging Insurance Industry Issues

The insurance industry is transforming daily. Digitized assets and innovative financial channels, instruments, and systems will be, and are, impacting the insurance industry – including blockchain technology and virtual currencies like Bitcoin.

Manufacturing & Distribution Services

In the face of the volatile economic conditions emerging from global competition, it’s getting tougher to maintain profit margins and improve productivity in manufacturing.

To thrive, your organization must run a tight operation, constantly improving your manufacturing and business processes. Our team of advisors stay on top of the latest tools and technologies to ensure we give you the best possible advice.

Manufacturing equipment

Deep Industry Insights

With more than 100 years of experience working with manufacturers, we know what it takes to survive and thrive in manufacturing. To help give you the competitive edge, we provide a deeper understanding of the manufacturing process, beyond the numbers.

Depending on your manufacturing accounting needs, we can help you with business interruption, cash flow analysis, cost accounting design, forecasting, strategic thinking and software selection and implementation.

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Family Business Guide

It may seem like you have a lot of time to prepare, but you never know when and how you will need to exit your business. Get our guide that will walk you through the steps of your business succession plan.

Media & Publishing Services

As the transition from print to digital technology escalates, media and publishing companies struggle to define a new business model that meets their customers’ needs, while also ensuring a profit. In fact, many media and publishing companies are discovering that even though they deliver more value with online offerings, they earn less profit.

The seasoned professionals at Meaden & Moore understand the business challenges created by the online media environment.

News app on phone screen

Strategic Approach to Success

To help you meet these challenges, we can assemble a multi-disciplinary team that will examine your operation holistically, and then recommend a strategy for adding value and improving profitability.

Meaden & Moore provides a comprehensive portfolio of business consulting services that help facilitate a more strategic, proactive approach for optimizing your organization’s success.

Printing press
Business and personal taxes in 2021–2022

2023–2024 Tax Planning Guide

A comprehensive guide to help you prepare business and personal taxes in 2023–2024. With some tax law changes already signed into law in 2023 and more changes potentially on the horizon, you probably have questions about tax planning this year.

Medical & Pharmaceutical Services

While you’re caring for your patients, who’s caring for your business? As a healthcare professional, you’ve dedicated your career to providing your patients with the highest level of care. That may not leave you enough time to tend to the business aspects of your practice. As a result, you may be missing opportunities to maximize your practice income and personal wealth.

Our team will focus on your business, making sure it runs efficiently and profitably, so you can concentrate on your patients.

Medical professional in hallway writing

Full-Service Capabilities

With more than four decades of experience advising medical professionals, Meaden & Moore understands optimal cost structures for healthcare practices. We will work with you to minimize costs and maximize profits, enabling you to obtain the rewards of your hard work and dedication.

Meaden & Moore provides a wide spectrum of services tailored to the needs of medical professionals.

Medical professionals meeting
Tax Advisory

Tax Advisory

In order to better prepare yourself for your year-end tax reporting, this guide includes vital information regarding compensation paid to your employees as well as amounts paid to non-employees, including payments of dividends, interest, rents, etc.

Multi-Generational Businesses

Stewardship of your multi-generational business presents unique challenges not only from an operating standpoint, but the impact it has on its owners, investors, management, and their families. Meaden & Moore will help you through the process.

We can do your audit, tax planning, and compliance work, but our main focus will be helping you navigate through the different stages your business will go through. We'll help you prepare or consider options at each stage.

Man and woman standing in their place of business
“We engaged Meaden & Moore in late 2018 for our full independent accounting service requirements. We ran a comprehensive RFP process with several regional firms, and we determined Meaden & Moore to be the best fit for our needs as we transitioned our business to its 5th generation of family leadership. As the executive point of contact for Meaden & Moore’s services, I commend them for meeting and exceeding all of our service expectations. Meaden & Moore’s services have been thorough, timely, professional, and value added in all respects. We anticipate a very long and mutually beneficial relationship.”

- David J. Hicks, CFO of The Fred W. Albrecht Grocery Company (DBA: Acme Fresh Markets)

Critical Insights

Our professionals have the opportunity of seeing many different companies in various stages of development. Our true value is in the details, taking our experience and creating a roadmap that will help you navigate through the stages of your business. Meaden & Moore will help you make sure you are thinking about the impact on your family and other stakeholders. We want to make sure you are taking the time and spending resources to enjoy life along the way. Let us worry about the details.

Florists at their flower shop
Introduction to Valuation

A Simple Introduction to Valuation

Valuations are necessary for many tax-related matters as well as various transactional settings, however, they require more than simply applying technical models. Valuation is also about understanding business operations, economic conditions, and tax laws.

Not-for-Profit Services

As the demand for not-for-profit services increases, so does the competition for a shrinking pool of funding. With fewer dollars to go around, funders are making tough decisions about what they'll support.

How does your not-for-profit sustain itself today and into the future?

It all starts with the highest standards of accountability and transparency. Funders want to know their dollars are in the hands of reliable stewards.

Volunteers with donations

Our Services

We can help you sharpen your financial reporting and drive greater efficiency in fundraising. We have the expertise and the resources to make your organization more successful. 

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Group of men meeting at the office

2023–2024 Tax Planning Guide

A comprehensive guide to help you prepare business and personal taxes in 2023–2024. With some tax law changes already signed into law in 2023 and more changes potentially on the horizon, you probably have questions about tax planning this year.

Private Equity & Private Office Services

In today’s complex regulatory environment, it is increasingly important for fund managers to go above and beyond the services traditionally offered to investors, while at the same time gaining efficiencies in compulsory compliance areas. Meaden & Moore can help.

Chart displayed on tablet screen

Meeting the Requirements

We've assembled a dynamic team of professionals who are committed to the private equity and private office industry and who are experts in the topics presented here. Meaden & Moore has been working with firms like yours for more than 100 years, and we are acutely aware of the breadth of issues facing your industry.

Professionals looking at data on laptop screen

How Can We Help You?

Speak with a Meaden & Moore expert today to discover ways to improve your business.

Technology Services

In the complex technology sector, rapid change is a given. You are under constant pressure to innovate and compete, while also securing adequate capital and turning a profit. Rather than face these challenges alone, you can work with business advisors who have what it takes to help you prepare for whatever comes next. Meaden & Moore assembles multi-disciplinary teams to address the intense pressures that technology companies face every day.

Man working on computer in office

Dedicated Resources

We'll develop strategies and solve critical business process issues that enable high-tech companies to grow and prosper. We provide a wide spectrum of advisory services tailored to the needs of the technology industry.

Team meeting in office

ERP Selection Guide

Download our guide to learn what you need to know to reduce the inherent complexity and risk associated with choosing an ERP system for your manufacturing or industrial distribution company.

Transportation Services

Leveraging a complete understanding of today’s transportation industry, our specialists look beyond your files and records to gather a holistic view of your business – enabling us to identify ways to improve your bottom line.

Together, we can develop and implement a strategic plan to improve your operations, profitability, and growth potential. Once the plan is in place, we can help identify and secure sources of funding and credit to put that plan into motion.

Truck driving on highway

Insight Into Today's Transportation Challenges

Volatile economic conditions and fuel prices have created unprecedented challenges for companies operating in the transportation industry.

Rather than wrestle with the myriad effects of growing consumer demands on your own, you can count on Meaden & Moore for help. Our experienced professionals can design the insightful solutions you need, and implement them in an efficient, effective way. Contact us today to learn more.

Truck loading
Woman smiling talking with colleague

Family Business Guide

Download this guide to learn why it's never too early to start succession planning, where planning should start, and what a successful succession plan looks like.

Veterinary Practice Services

Meaden & Moore has extensive experience providing accounting and practice management advice to veterinarians. We understand that those who care for animals and pets have unique goals related to medical and surgical care, client service, financial success, and practice operations.

Meaden & Moore offers a wide array of management consultation and advisory services for veterinary professionals. Our veterinary accounting, consulting, valuation, and taxation services are customized to meet the special needs of the veterinary medical practice.

Veterinarians examining dog

Trusted Advisors

We follow a unique methodology that allows us to tailor our recommendations to your practice and to develop outcomes that consistently exceed your expectations.

To learn how Meaden & Moore’s accounting and management consulting services can help your veterinarian practice provide better care, contact us today.

Dog x-ray examination
Woman smiling in conference room

2023–2024 Tax Planning Guide

A comprehensive guide to help you prepare business and personal taxes in 2023–2024. With some tax law changes already signed into law in 2023 and more changes potentially on the horizon, you probably have questions about tax planning this year.



Delivering insights and points of view on vital news, strategies to consider, technology developments, and current topics that are important to your business and personal financial success. Check here for content from Meaden & Moore professionals.

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Speak with a Meaden & Moore expert today to discover ways to improve your business.