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Aligning Your ERP and Business Strategies

Each year, companies spend tens of thousands to millions of dollars on business systems and applications such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), warehouse management, supply chain planning and execution, and accounting. As these software ERP solutions are renowned for complexity, the results often fall short of expectations.

Rather than trying to implement a complex software solution on your own, take advantage of an ERP consulting firm's expertise and get the most from your technology investments. Regardless of where you are in the solution lifecycle, our ERP consultants can help from initial planning to implementation to ongoing improvement and support.

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Supporting Future Growth 

Meaden & Moore has extensive experience helping companies with their ERP planning. From initial ERP planning to ongoing improvement and support, our ERP consulting services help your organization get the most from your technology investments.





Demand and Capacity Planning: Unlocking Your ERP System’s Full Potential

For manufacturers, demand and capacity planning and management are essential. Yet, production capacity planning requires tracking, adjusting, and scrutinizing large amounts of data.


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ERP Services

ERP Strategy & Planning

You are wasting valuable time and money if your ERP software is not in sync with your strategic business plan. The professionals at Meaden & Moore have the breadth of experience to review your systems and assure that your ERP software is supporting your organization to achieve its strategic objectives.

Our expertise in business strategy and ERP software strategy development allows Meaden & Moore to bring clarity and foresight to the business-technology plan relationship. Our professional team can evaluate the current effectiveness of your ERP software and align strategies to maximize performance potential.

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Meshing ERP and Business Strategies

When business and technology mesh efficiently, your ERP application can propel your organization to excellence. As your planning partner, we can discuss your needs, collect information, make evaluations, and offer recommendations for maximizing your profitability and long-term success. Our ERP experts know the right technology for your goals and provide a spectrum of services from both a strategic planning and systems perspective.

Inventory Reduction Strategies to Enhance Business Performance

Holding inventory results in a range of extra fees, including labor costs for handling duties and additional utility expenses for the workspaces required. Learn how to reduce inventory and improve your return on net assets (RONA).


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Integrating Technology

ERP Software Evaluation, Selection & Acquisition

Meaden & Moore is dedicated to assisting client organizations with defining their specific business and technology requirements by matching leading ERP software solutions and technology partners with these unique requirements. We help minimize risk by using our proprietary tools, knowledge, and experience within the enterprise software marketplace.

When it’s time to replace an existing ERP software solution or implement one for the first time, the ERP evaluation, selection, and acquisition processes can be overwhelming. We have the breadth of experience to review your systems and assure that your ERP software is supporting your organization to achieve its strategic objectives. Let our independent, experienced consultants save you time and money while minimizing risk in the ERP evaluation process.  Learn more.

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Dedicated Resources

We maintain a database of more than 2,000 functional and technological ERP criteria. Based on our research and experience with more than 100 leading ERP packages, we will identify technology solutions perfectly matched to your business needs, goals, and budget.

Our knowledgeable consultants will guide your team through our process to ensure your organization selects the right software solution. Our experts can assist your ERP project team from install to implementation to support for most Tier II and Tier III software solutions.

Upgrading from Excel to an ERP

Learn the strengths of ERP systems compared with spreadsheets, and how ERPs can help small and midsize companies grow and increase productivity in the long term.


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Proven Approach

ERP Implementation

Each year, companies spend thousands to millions of dollars on new software systems and applications such as ERP, CRM, warehouse management, supply chain planning and execution, and accounting platforms.

These solutions can be complex to install and implement. Translating their promise into reality to support your unique business needs can be an even greater challenge. At Meaden & Moore, our advisors will help you make the most of your technological investments. Regardless of where you are in the process, we can help – from initial planning and evaluation to selection and implementation, through ongoing improvement and support.

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Making ERP Solutions Support Your Growth

At Meaden & Moore, we employ a proven step-by-step approach and methodology for every application we implement, throughout all phases of design, analysis, build-out, testing, and deployment. Our expert team averages more than 25 years of industry experience per person. So you can be sure our ERP professional team has significant experience in implementing your ideal system.

Effective Business Process Mapping Is More Than a Simple Flowchart

Implementing business process mapping results in simplified internal processes and successful process implementation.


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Improve ROI

ERP Software Optimization

ERP systems are a hefty investment for any manufacturing firm, but often are not fully utilized or optimized for the functions they can provide. Significant gaps regularly exist that need to be closed in order to realize the full value or ROI that was expected from the initial implementation.

As your firm grows and evolves, your ERP system needs to change along with it. The software you have may no longer “fit” your advancing organizational requirements or perhaps your system’s business-critical capabilities may not have been fully adopted. Meaden & Moore is committed to helping your company identify opportunities to better leverage your ERP software’s inherent strengths in order to optimize utilization and performance across your organization. Learn more.

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Getting the Most Value from Your ERP Investment

Our experienced, objective professionals have helped many manufacturers optimize their ERP software features. We have a proven approach and methodology that yields fairly rapid results.

Our ERP optimization process is designed to help evaluate and document your organization’s:

  • Current utilization
  • Current functionality
  • Enhancement/extension 
  • Management 
  • Replacement  

Reducing Machine Setup Times in Any Manufacturing Setting

Decreasing machine setup times results in lower manufacturing costs and increased flexibility to meet customer demands.


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Trusted Partners

ERP Software Vendors

The ERP selection strategists at Meaden & Moore follow a proven selection methodology to help you zero in on the ideal system to fit your specific business and operational needs.

Our established track record with business software selection rests on our objectivity, structure, experience, and research.



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Proven Resources

To help maintain our knowledge regarding the business application software industry, we purchase independent research that enables us to share our observations about particular vendors with our clients.

General Purpose

  • Tier I ERP Vendors
  • Tier II ERP Vendors
  • Tier III ERP Vendors
  • Tier IV ERP Vendors


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Industry-Leading Insights

We pride ourselves on staying abreast of new trends and emerging practices to help you meet your long-term goals. Check here for content from Meaden & Moore professionals.

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Demand and Capacity Planning: Unlocking Your ERP System’s Full Potential

For manufacturers, demand and capacity planning and management are essential. Yet, production capacity planning requires tracking, adjusting, and scrutinizing large amounts of data.


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Meet Our Experts

At Meaden & Moore, our people are our most vital asset, providing the strength behind our reputation, technical excellence, and top-notch quality service. Wherever your business operates, you can count on the leaders at Meaden & Moore to provide the comprehensive services you need.