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Knowledge and Experience Set Us Apart

The Investigative Accounting Group has offices in many locations, offering national and international services. The expertise of the firm's 250-plus professionals offers unique problem-solving resources, and through our worldwide network of affiliates, we provide local forensic and investigative accounting solutions throughout the world.

For over half a century, Meaden & Moore's Investigative Accounting Group has provided insurance services, litigation support, dispute resolution services, and fraud and financial services to insurance companies, independent adjusters, legal counsel, corporations, exempt organizations, and individuals throughout the world.

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The Breadth of Our Forensic Experience Is Worldwide

Law firms, internal legal counsel, insurance agencies, and organizations of all sizes rely on our expert assistance to investigate allegations of fraud in a timely and thorough manner. The Meaden & Moore investigative and forensic accounting services team has assisted in complex investigations using eDiscovery technology to review and identify the relevant information in thousands of documents. We also assist in the recovery of misappropriated funds, which includes providing expert evidence in support of court orders to freeze assets.

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Able & Flexible

Insurance Services

By getting involved in the claim process from the start, Meaden & Moore quickly identifies and resolves issues before they become problems. With considerable knowledge of accounting systems and extensive experience with insurance claim evaluations, our investigative and forensic accounting specialists ensure that documentation of claim charges is initiated quickly and accurately.

Our insurance claims services include property, liability, fidelity/theft, builder’s risk and financial.

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Experts in Our Field

Our  investigative and forensic accounting professionals obtain crucial financial data and uncover pertinent information about companies and industries. By examining the information provided by the insured and gathering data from internet research, government reports, and industry publications and statistics, we provide a comprehensive evaluation of a financial claim.

Meaden & Moore values its relationships with representatives of insurance carriers and claimants. Our professionals continuously communicate with adjusters regarding the status of our assignments. In addition, we identify and resolve potential issues in concepts and terminology before they cause problems.


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Virtual Currency and Blockchain: Emerging Insurance Industry Issues

The insurance industry is transforming daily. Digitized assets and innovative financial channels, instruments, and systems – including blockchain technology and virtual currencies – will be, and are, impacting it.


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Trusted Advisors

Litigation Support

Meaden & Moore’s litigation support group applies experience and clarity to answer complicated financial questions in relevant, simplified terms. Law firms, corporations, and private equity firms rely on our full-service litigation support team to avoid costly litigation. But when litigation becomes necessary, we'll assemble an experienced team that knows how to help clients succeed with focused preparation, thoughtful analysis, and expert testimony.

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Forward Thinking That Has Your Back

Our clients count on our expert assistance in preparing interrogatories and requests or documents. Our investigative and forensic accounting professionals anticipate needs and access situations that best benefit the case. We can attend depositions of fact, assist in reviewing the opposition’s work product, and help develop probing questions designed to uncover the financial facts essential to each case.

Meaden & Moore also uses supporting details to accurately evaluate and document the amount of damages. Our proactive approach helps clients uncover any concerns and apply fitting solutions, which is critical in fraud and defalcation situations. Our simple goal is to enhance the potential for full prosecution and restitution.


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We're Sharing Our Forensic and Investigative Accounting Expertise

Each quarter, we compile the latest investigative and forensic accounting news and insights in our newsletter, The Forensic Edge.


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Depth of Resources

Catastrophe Response

Meaden & Moore is committed to providing comprehensive investigative accounting services, especially in the wake of a catastrophic weather event. When disaster strikes, you need catastrophe claim services that are fast, effective, and reliable. Our forensic and investigative accounting team immediately responds by providing dedicated resources onsite. We also provide unique service agreements that identify committed resources for an event or to a particular client or group of clients.

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Catastrophe Response Experts You Can Rely On

In response to the overwhelming demand for statistics during floods, earthquakes, and hurricanes, we prepare comprehensive information booklets to assist the insurance industry in claims evaluations.

When the need for catastrophe claim services and evaluation arises, count on the investigative and forensic accounting experts at Meaden & Moore. If you need help evaluating claims resulting from a catastrophe, please contact us. As one of the top consulting and forensic accounting firms in the world, we can provide you with a unique service agreement that identifies our committed resources.


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Case Study: Voluntary Consumer Product Recall

When an animal food distributor initiated two voluntary recalls, Meaden & Moore professionals were brought in to assist the carrier in order to ensure that the settlement was only relevant to the second recall.


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Expert Knowledge

Fraud & Forensic Services

For over half a century, Meaden & Moore’s Investigative Accounting Group has provided insurance claim evaluations across all coverages, forensic examinations, fraud and financial investigations, contract examinations, dispute resolution services and litigation support for all phases of insurance events, contracts, and business disputes. We effectively deliver investigative services to insurance companies, independent adjusters, legal counsel, and owners in both the public and private sectors.

Our clients count on our expert assistance in preparing interrogatories and requests for documents. Our investigative and forensic accounting professionals also attend depositions of fact, assist in reviewing the opposition’s work product, and help develop probing questions designed to uncover financial facts essential to each case.

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Expert Assistance for Your Complex Matters

Our experienced professionals are dedicated to providing forensic accounting services. Our leaders are Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE), Certified Public Accountants (CPA), and Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF).

As CFEs, we're members of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, whose members specialize in the detection, prevention, investigation, and deterrence of fraud. As CPAs, we're members of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), which awards the CFF to CPAs who demonstrate highly specialized expertise in forensic accounting. We're also members of the Institute of Internal Auditors and several other organizations associated with the insurance and legal professions.


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The Importance of a Careful Stock Mitigation Analysis

In this whitepaper, Meaden & Moore’s investigative accounting experts explain why making the insured whole following a loss event – and the subsequent mitigation – should be carefully analyzed.


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Industry Leading Insights

Delivering insights and points of view on vital news, strategies to consider, technology developments, and current topics that are important to your business and personal financial success. Check here for content from Meaden & Moore professionals.

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Measurement Issues in Cyber Claims

While no one is completely protected from a cybersecurity breach, some of the risk can be transferred through cyber insurance coverage.


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