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The State of Talent Optimization - 2021 Report

Posted by Lisa Foley on May 4, 2021 8:30:00 AM

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In February of 2021, The Predictive Index surveyed over 500 executives from more than 15 different industries. The goal was to understand how companies that practice talent optimization—the discipline of aligning talent and business strategies—fared in one of the most tumultuous business years on record.

Uncovering the business value of talent optimization

The data not only sheds light on the state of talent optimization—the discipline of aligning talent and business strategies—but how it’s evolving.  In this report, you'll learn about the impact of talent optimization in virtual settings.

You'll learn that more companies implemented talent strategies and that more businesses are shifting to intentionally align those talent strategies with their business strategies. You'll also learn how strategy alignment influences performance outcomes.

As you’ll see, talent optimization is a differentiator, even in a difficult year. We found that talent optimized companies remained on track long-term, largely by focusing on alignment and engagement, and by increasingly using behavioral data to inform their hiring and team building processes.  After reading this report, you’ll understand how companies practice talent optimization to achieve positive business outcomes, even amid uncertainty.

Download the report here.


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Lisa Foley

Lisa Foley

Lisa's blend of business acumen and leadership development expertise were honed during her 30-year career as a leader across many disciplines in the financial services industry and consulting. An entrepreneur at heart, Lisa’s passion for helping companies grow began with her family’s multi-generational business. She believes leadership makes the difference between business success and failure and she works to train, develop, and mentor business leaders.

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