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Managing People During the COVID-19 Crisis

Posted by Lisa Foley on Jun 23, 2020 10:24:30 AM

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What we are hearing from business leaders about managing people during this changing and challenging time:

Management perspective is changing

Hearing from business leaders during the current crisis has been enlightening. Some companies are in an industry that is an “essential business” and once they have made initial adjustments, operate in the “new normal”. Other companies are primarily working in a remote environment and will continue to do so for the near future. In either case, successful companies have adjusted their management activities and communication plans in response to current and ongoing changes.

Manager and employee relationships are evolving

The relationship between managers and their employees continues to be the biggest driver of business results, employee engagement and productivity. Building these relationships in our new environment is key to long term success and the best managers are using available information to understand their employees and find opportunities to meaningfully build relationships and build and sustain business success.

Managers are improving understanding of people

Having the data about how people are “wired” goes a long way to helping build relationships with their employees and lead change. Managers are leveraging tools like assessments to better understand people individually. They are using the data and prior knowledge of team members to consider the team dynamics as they plan their management communication and coaching activities. When planning changes, managers are leveraging people data to identify who on the team will help them lead change and who will be resistant and need more help.

Management communication is planned

Management communication now includes outlining the future vision and understanding and communicating the steps to get there. It must include creating a clear picture of what is expected and how success will be measured. Managers are leveraging a cadence of communication that includes team and individual scheduled communication to break down the vision. Providing timely feedback through the process and being specific with each person’s expectations makes the flow through the changes less rocky.

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Lisa Foley

Lisa Foley

Lisa's blend of business acumen and leadership development expertise were honed during her 30-year career as a leader across many disciplines in the financial services industry and consulting. An entrepreneur at heart, Lisa’s passion for helping companies grow began with her family’s multi-generational business. She believes leadership makes the difference between business success and failure and she works to train, develop, and mentor business leaders.

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