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WEBINAR: The Employee Retention Credit - Deep Dive into How to Qualify and Calculate

Posted by Meaden & Moore on Apr 8, 2021 4:40:57 PM

On April 8th, David Knuff and Carlin Culbertson took an in-depth look at the various provisions to qualify, such as the gross receipt requirements, what a full or partial shutdowns by government order means (especially partial shutdowns), how supplier shutdowns could qualify you, among other scenarios that may have applied to you in 2020 or still apply in 2021.  

They also discussed what expenses you can use to calculate the credit beyond wages.  And even if you’re over the employee limits, how you can still obtain a credit in certain situations.  

Webinar Overview:

  • What is the Employee Retention Tax Credit?
  • ERC – Summary of Amendments (March 2020 through March 2021)
  • Gross Receipts Decrease
  • Full or Partial Shutdown – Examples
  • Full Time Employees
  • Qualified Wages
  • Aggregation Rules
  • Is ERC taxable?
  • Paid Not to Work - Examples
  • PPP and ERC Wages
  • 2020 ERC Flowchart
  • 2021 ERC Flowchart


M&M ERC Presentation April 8 2021

View webinar here. Have additional questions and/or needs related to COVID-19? Check out our dedicated resources or contact us directly.


Topics: Small Business, Accounting & Auditing, Accounting and Tax Resource, COVID-19