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Congratulations to Logan Hershey on his Completion of the Wooster Leadership Program

Posted by Meaden & Moore on Jun 4, 2019 1:24:00 PM
We are very excited to announce Logan Hershey’s completion of the Wooster Leadership program.  In 1996, the Wooster Area Chamber of Commerce began its Leadership Wooster program in an effort to train leaders who would go on to build a stronger community.  By providing educational and networking opportunities, Leadership Wooster brings the "best and brightest" together to address local issues and needs. 
Now in its 22nd year and with over 500 alumni, the program has become an ever-increasing network of graduates who have, among other efforts, contributed to the community by serving on boards, improving the local parks system and creating programs and networking opportunities within non-profit organizations and the educational system.
“I just wanted to thank Meaden & Moore for sponsoring me in this class. I gained insight about Wooster and Wayne County and made connections that I would otherwise not had the opportunity to make.  I learned a great deal on becoming a Leader for this firm, for the community and for my life in general.  I would give it a 15/10 and highly recommend the program to anyone that has not gone through it yet,” said Logan Hersey. 

logan leadership