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Bill Novak Featured in The National CIO Review

Posted by Meaden & Moore on May 17, 2022 3:21:32 PM

Bill Novak, Meaden & Moore's Chief Information Officer, was interviewed for a Spotlight in The National CIO Review. 

He answered a wide range of questions regarding the state of technology and his interests outside of his role as a CIO. 

Walk us through your CIO path.  How did you decide to pursue a career in technology? I started this journey in the mid, well sometime in the past. Right out of High School, the path I selected was Computer Science and I stuck with it ever since.  During college, I worked for a Fire department where I logged all the incidents in a DataBase application called DBase.  Right after college, I went into an Accounting Firm as a Novell Network support technician.  That building I worked in is directly across the street from where I work today.  Kind of ironic, as they are one of our competitors in the field of accounting. I worked in Law firms, Insurance/Banking, Medical, and manufacturing, so I have a diverse business background which helps me throughout each day.

Tell us about your company.  Speak to the industry, the size of the company, and the services provided to your customers. I work at Meaden & Moore, a professional services company that has been around for 103 years strong.  We focus on Accounting, Tax and Auditing Services, Forensic Accounting, and Employee Benefit Planning.  We also dabble in ERP and Professional Development Services.  We are about 250 people strong, have offices in 9 cities in the States and 1 in London, and 4 affiliates in Canada. For our size organization, we are unique with the number of offices we have and the regions we cover.

What are your top 3-5 priorities as CIO in your organization? Ongoing priorities include people development, securing the environment, and engaging in collaboration. There are so many more priorities, but the top 3 are listed above

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