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Employee Retention Credit - Partial Suspensions for Not-for-Profits

Posted by Meaden & Moore on Oct 19, 2022 3:57:25 PM

The Employee Retention Credit has been a great source of funds for not-for-profit entities.  Unfortunately, a lot of NFP entities are missing out on credits they are eligible for because of the complexity of the partial suspension concept that is one of the ways to qualify for the credits.  A partial suspension can be determined a variety of ways, and NFP entities are particularly likely to qualify under those rules for a period of time, especially if they had large fundraising events that were limited due to restrictions, or work with the public in some capacity so those programs were limited. 

Please join us for a webinar further discussing these possible qualification scenarios to see if any of them may apply to your NFP entity to make sure you don’t miss out on a potentially significant source of funds.




Carlin Culbertson, CPA

Jesse Ferrigno, CPA


View Recording Here. 

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