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Meaden & Moore Welcomes the New Year With New Hires

Posted by Meaden & Moore on Jan 6, 2020 10:40:00 AM
We have several team members to welcome, and a few to welcome back to Meaden & Moore.
Welcome back:
Rebecca Boswell (Chicago Investigative Accounting Intern)
Jamie Chen (Cleveland Assurance/Tax Intern)
Sullivan Casey (Chicago Investigative Accounting Intern)
Kolton Edmondson (Wooster Assurance/Tax Intern)
Justin Hofacker (Akron Assurance/Tax Intern)
Kevin Keefe (Cleveland Investigative Accounting Staff)
And please join in welcoming the following new team members:
Shaun Emerick (Cleveland Assurance/Tax Staff) 
Jonryan Finley (Cleveland Assurance/Tax Intern) 
Ian Kline (Akron Assurance/Tax Intern) 
Thomas Nicolella (Akron Assurance/Tax Intern) 
Andrew Nunez –(Chicago Investigative Accounting Intern)
Joshua Plarr (Cleveland Assurance/Tax Intern) 
Michael Weymouth –(Orlando Investigative Accounting Intern)
Welcome to the team! We are so glad to have you with us.