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Food & Beverage ERP

ERP for the Food and Beverage Industry

ERP solutions designed for use in the food and beverage industry must be able to comply with FDA regulations, especially record-keeping and lot-tracking. However, there are other requirements that are unique to the food industry. One of these requirements is often called “catch weight.”

Catch weight refers to the actual weight of the produce, meat, or cheese – or other food product – that doesn't have a standard or uniform weight. These products and others have inherent variability within their weights. Therefore, if your organization deals with catch weights and is searching for a food and beverage ERP software solution, ensure that thorough vetting is performed in this area. Food ERP software helps manufacturers and food distributors:

  • Improve food safety
  • Manage business growth
  • Streamline operational efficiency

Another feature that is unique to the food industry is the tracking of the “best if used by date.” You probably have noticed these dates stamped on perishables. Many food ERP system vendors may simply use a user-defined field to satisfy this need. That approach may be acceptable, however, if this date requires some logic to be included in its use, simply adding a user-defined field may not support your business need.

The shelf life of ingredients, and certainly finished goods, is another capability that should be explored within a food manufacturing ERP solution. Establishing, monitoring, resampling/retesting when expiration dates are approaching, and possibly quarantining/removing expired lot numbers, are some of the basic steps involved when tracking shelf lives. An extended piece of logic that supports shelf lives is first-expired, first-out (FEFO) – which means utilizing the oldest materials first during production.

Streamline Operational Efficiency With Our Food ERP Solutions

Let our experienced team of management consultants help your organization with its food ERP software selection. Over the past decade, we have compiled and audited over 100 ERP software vendors, including those that support the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Using our proprietary knowledge base, our experienced professionals will guide your team to accurately define and classify your organization’s information technology needs and select an ERP solution that meets those specific needs.