ERP Software Evaluation, Selection, and Acquisition

Helping Your Organization Select An ERP Software System That Supports Future Growth

Meaden & Moore Business Solutions is dedicated to assisting client organizations to define their specific business and technology requirements by matching leading ERP software solutions and technology partners with these unique requirements. We help minimize risk through using our proprietary tools, knowledge, and experience within the enterprise software marketplace.
When it’s time to replace an existing ERP software solution or implement one for the first time, the evaluation, selection, and acquisition processes can be overwhelming.  Let our independent, experienced consultants save you time and money while minimizing risk in the process.

ERP Software for Small Businesses

Our professional team has helped implement many ERP software systems, including Epicor 9 and 10, Vista and Vintage.

Experienced ERP advisors at Meaden & Moore Business Solutions will utilize our proven selection methodology to zero-in on the ideal software solution to fit your organization’s specific technology, business, and operational needs.
We maintain a database of more than 2,000 functional and technological criteria.  Based on our research and experience with more than 80 leading ERP packages, we will identify technology solutions perfectly matched to your business needs, goals, and budget.
Our knowledgeable consultants guide your team through our proven process to ensure your organization selects the right software solution. Our knowledgeable team is available to assist your ERP project team install, implement, and support most Tier II and Tier III software solutions.
We offer a proven track record of success with service based on four tenets:
Objectivity – Our goal is to serve our clients independent of software vendors. We:
  • Do not represent any software vendor or their software package
  • Do not sell any software packages
  • Do not accept commissions or finder’s fees from the software vendors we recommend
Research – We maintain our own knowledge base of over 100 ERP, CRM, and Accounting software packages.
Structure – We offer a structured, phased approach, utilizing a thorough detailed definition and analysis of your organization’s unique business requirements
Experience – All Meaden & Moore Business Solutions consultants are former industry practitioners with extensive experience selecting, implementing, and using multiple ERP software solutions
Recommendations – Our experienced consultants will deliver assist in identifying software vendors that will become long-term partners to support your organization’s growth





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