Value Opportunity Profile®


Business owners, excited about the prospect of selling their business and moving on to their next phase of life, may be confronted by the fact that their business values are nowhere near what they expected.
When they are faced with a need to increase the value, they usually focus on growing sales, reducing costs, or an acquisition.  Usually, they are not aware of the impact that company-specific risk has on the value of their business.
Meaden & Moore can help clients identify, understand, prioritize, and address the risks and opportunities in their businesses that would create the most value by their mitigation.  In other words, we help them develop an internal road-map for methodically strengthening their businesses by reducing the risks that are depressing value.  
Our team is comprised of Certified VOP (Value Opportunity Profile®) Practitioners that assess the entire business enterprise and determine quality and risk ratings and current business value. The VOP methodology and process have a proven record of success. Specifically, we:
  •   Conduct the VOP assessment to address your company’s strengths and weaknesses in eight primary categories –  people, planning, sales, finance, leadership, marketing, operations, and legal
  •  Recommend a plan for building a stronger company and position it for long-term sustainability and growth
  •  Manage the process to hold all accountable
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