Growth Strategy

Influencing productivity and driving growth

To empower managers with the knowledge they need to meet their talent acquisition and development challenges, companies rely on the data provided from assessments such as the Predictive Index (PI®) System and the Selling Skills Assessment Tool™ (SSAT™).
 - PI provides the necessary insights into a person’s natural behavior, which impacts their communication and decision-making style.
 - SSAT offers an objective examination of a person’s selling skills. 
Armed with this information, managers can understand their employees’ leadership styles and see how those styles impact their ability to influence/coach their people.

The power of analytics

While analytics have been used for decades to better understand business growth, they are also extremely helpful when exploring human performance and capabilities. To create a clear view of your managers’ areas of expertise and untapped potential, you can choose from the following Growth Strategy services:
 - Sales performance and coaching
 - Benchmarking and diagnosis
 - Influence and productivity
 - Leadership for rapid growth




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