ERP in the Chemical Industry

ERP in the Chemical Industry

The chemical industry produces petrochemicals, agrochemicals, paints, pharmaceuticals, polymers, and oleochemicals. Chemical processing depends upon managing chemical reactions to form new substances or separations. These new substances or separations differ based on key properties (e.g., solubility and distillation) and transformations by heating and other methods. Once transformations have taken place, products are normally stored in bulk form and then either packaged or processed further to become other products.

ERP Solutions for Manufacturing

The right chemical ERP software solution should enable the efficient and effective management of formulations, testing, measuring, and managing of materials and process quality – and it must be backed by superior customer service, and timely and accurate production and financial information/reporting. The chemical industry's Informational needs are similar to those of other industries – information must improve visibility, help companies become more responsive, and simplify business processes.

However, ERP capabilities (including ingredient grade/potency, hazardous materials tracking/reporting, matching customer specs with an appropriate product lot, support for by/co-products, and tracking physical properties) are typically not found within general manufacturing enterprise resource planning software.

Over the past decade, we have compiled and audited over 100 ERP software vendors, including those that support the chemical industry. Using our proprietary knowledge base, our experienced ERP consultants will guide your team to accurately define and classify your organization’s information technology needs and select an ERP solution that meets those specific needs.