Our Story

Accounting for your Prosperity

The Great Depression taught many a powerful lesson in finances. Douglas S. Meaden and Vernon J. Moore were first hand students. Our founders had just opened for business and they quickly realized how valuable the right tax and accounting knowledge can be. It’s not only how we survived, it is how we succeeded...along with many of our clients.
A deep appreciation for investigating and learning has forever remained at the core of our organizational culture. Meaden & Moore continues to attract and retain professionals who not only keep the books, we often write the book…sharing that knowledge to the greatest benefit of our clients. As fields like manufacturing, energy and construction grew, so did our specialization in each industry. Our presence expanded as well, meeting the diverse needs of clients in cities across the U.S. and internationally. 
Today, Meaden & Moore has amassed what can be best described as a wealth of tax, accounting, forensics, business consulting and wealth management expertise, valuable to any company, at any stage of growth, at any location.  A financial firm with a proven history of stability, adaptability and expansion…isn’t that just what you want in a consultative business partner? Become a part of the Meaden & Moore story, and together let's write the next chapter of growth and prosperity.


Our Promise

Our people take personal ownership in contributing to client success. We continually grow our expertise and share our knowledge across the enterprise in order to create truly best case solutions. We will stop at nothing to provide a more holistic and satisfying outcome for our clients.

Mission Statement

Do whatever it takes to provide an outstanding experience for clients, rewarding careers for staff, and diligent service to our communities.

Core Essence


We are curious by nature, and we actively look deeper into ways we can each contribute to our clients’ success.


We have a passion for learning and looking forward. We continuously grow our business knowledge and technical expertise.


We are engaged with our clients and with each other to solve problems and reach goals.  We wholeheartedly exchange knowledge across the enterprise to create best-case solutions.


We help our clients achieve their goals, make our communities better places to live and enable our colleagues to succeed in life.  We stop at nothing to provide a more holistic and satisfying outcome for our clients.


Our Story

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