Current ERP Software Optimization

Getting the Most Value from Your ERP Investment

ERP systems are a significant investment for most manufacturing firms, but often are not fully utilized or optimized for the functionality they can provide. Significant gaps may exist that need to be closed in order to realize the full value that was expected from the initial implementation. Many times these large capital investments fail to produce the expected Return on Investment (ROI).
As your firm grows and changes, your ERP system needs to change too. The software may not “fit” as well today for your organization’s changing business requirements, or the system’s business-critical capabilities may not have been not fully adopted. M&M Business Solutions (a Meaden & Moore Company) is committed to helping companies identify opportunities to take advantage of your ERP software’s inherent strengths, in order to optimize performance and utilization across your organization.
Our experienced, objective professionals at M&M Business Solutions have helped many manufacturers optimize their ERP software. We have a proven approach and methodology that yields fairly rapid results. Our ERP Optimization Process is designed to help evaluate and document your organization’s:
Current Utilization – We review current functional requirements, what percentage is supported by current ERP software release, and document to what extent those features are actually being used today. This establishes the benchmark to achieve higher utilization of your existing systems by first getting you started and organized, and next, by providing you with a vehicle to identify, promote, implement, and systemize changes.
Current Functionality – We evaluate functional needs and gaps not addressed by current software deployment. These gaps exist as a result of new business processes, adding new services and product families or changes to your business model over the years. We document these un-met needs and discuss strategies to fill the gaps. Resolutions range from re-deployment, upgrade to a new release, third-party module add-ons, or a complete search and replacement of the overall system.    
Enhancement/Extension – We assist you in evaluating and prioritizing systems enhancements, such as custom development or the purchase of additional function-specific add-on modules. Effectively we can help you extend the product life cycle of your ERP system.
Management – We provide you with the tools to better control your changing requirements. Our approach gives you a set of tools to capture data post Go Live, to manage, measure, and self-audit your ongoing systems.
Replacement – When you are faced with having to find a replacement ERP software solution we provide an objective needs analysis and cost/benefit comparison of the incumbent system and its latest/current release with other viable alternative ERP solutions in the market.
Our process, tailored to each engagement, can include some or all of the following services:
Organize for success and set objectives and strategies.
Analyze processes and define supporting requirements.
Profile current systems capabilities and level of utilization.
Prepare effectiveness and utilization reports.
Recommend improvement to close the gaps.
Implement and institutionalize change.



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