State & Local Tax Services

Too many tax laws for comfort

Your business is changing and evolving. Every year, you face:

•New products and services
•New channels of distribution
•Joint ventures
•Mergers and acquisitions
•Increased competition
And each new undertaking brings new tax challenges. 
When you couple the tax reform provisions with the diverse mix of state and local tax regimes, optimizing your tax position can become confusing and overwhelming—especially when you consider the numerous types of state and local taxes imposed:
•Franchise/net worth
•Real and personal property
•Gross receipts
In addition to the number of tax laws, you must also deal with the speed at which those laws are changing and evolving. And of course, you must also adhere to financial reporting standards such as FIN 48 and FAS 5.
As coffers threaten to run dry, state revenue departments become increasingly aggressive. So if you think it’s okay to ignore one or more of the tax laws, remember that if your customers can find you on the internet, so can state tax auditors.

At the intersection of these elements lie opportunities. And risks.

In a business environment where every competitive advantage counts, proactive management of your state and local tax liability is a must-have strategy. Meaden & Moore can help you create and monitor a strategy for maximizing your opportunities and minimizing your risk. Work with our tax specialists to devise a plan that includes a best-fit mix of the following state and local tax services.


•Refund review
•Credits, incentives, and grants
•Transaction planning
•Optimizing tax filing positions

Risk Management 

•Taxability analysis
•Limiting exposure for prior periods
•FIN 48 review
•FAS 5 Consulting
•Audit representation

Process Improvement

•Streamlining tax compliance
•Improving documentation


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