International Tax Planning & Compliance Services

Worldwide view of tax planning 

Companies operating in a multi-national environment face a plethora of tax challenges. Rather than face these burdens alone, Meaden & Moore’s international tax team can help. We have extensive experience handling day-to-day international tax issues, as well as designing and executing safe and effective strategies for worldwide tax minimization. Our relationship with AGN International enables us to provide our clients with real time, on-the-ground representation from licensed tax and accounting professionals in more than 80 countries worldwide.

When it comes to proactive tax planning, every company doing business internationally must consider both U.S. and non-U.S. tax regulations. You must know how your business is impacted by numerous countries' tax laws, including the often overlooked "sub-national" taxes. 

Customs duties, sales taxes, excise taxes, social taxes, and value-added taxes can result in significant costs of doing business—and these costs vary greatly from one country to the next.

To help you sort through the maze of national tax laws and international tax treaties, the Meaden & Moore International Tax Services Group offers a comprehensive range of international tax services.

International Tax Planning and Compliance

  • Inbound and outbound U.S. tax compliance and recordkeeping
  • Foreign tax credits and repatriation planning
  • Planning with foreign losses
  • Business acquisitions and divestiture
  • U.S. and foreign tax incentive programs
  • Transfer pricing planning and documentation
  • Entity selection and tax classification
  • Multi-national taxation of branch profits
  • Income sourcing and allocation and apportionment of expense
  • Gains and losses from foreign currency translations
  • Working with income tax treaties and executive agreements
  • VAT/GST and other consumption-based taxes
  • Expat/inpat tax equalization and compliance

Representation with tax authorities

  • U.S. IRS audits
  • Obtaining relief under §9100, private letter rulings
  • Foreign country audits through our contacts with firms in AGN International

Individual international tax

  • Tax planning preparation and compliance services assisting U.S. persons working overseas and foreign nationals working in the U.S.
    • Section 911 benefits
    • Foreign tax credits
    • Tax residency testing
    • Access to foreign tax preparers
  • Corporate tax equalization program design, review, and implementation
    • Policy design
    • Employee education and consultation
    • Hypothetical tax reporting
    • Employee tax preparation programs
  • Research and treaty review
  • Preparation of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts Reports(FBAR)
  • Foreign trust reporting
  • IRS offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program consultation, representation, and application preparation and compliance



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