Corporate Tax Planning & Compliance Services

Corporate Tax Planning and Management

Every organization wants to pay its fair share of taxes. But many companies need help identifying their “fair share” amount. That’s where Meaden & Moore can help. Our tax specialists can help any company – C Corp, S Corp, or LLC – take full advantage of every provision of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 to help minimize their tax liability. In addition, our team can assist with compliance requirements of both the federal and state governments.

The first step in optimizing tax liability is to plan appropriately. During the planning stage, the Meaden & Moore team provides consultation, advice, and ideas on how to minimize and defer taxes. Planning typically involves research and analysis, for example, where we determine the correct entity structure for a particular organization – C Corp, S Corp, or LLC.

Another part of minimizing your taxes is through complying with federal and state regulations. This step includes ensuring compliance by filing tax returns and other reports with government agencies – as well as representing clients in front of tax authorities, such as during federal or state examinations. Throughout the corporate tax compliance process, we look for opportunities to reduce and defer taxes within the permissible boundaries of the tax laws.

Optimize Your Tax Liability

While Meaden & Moore provides comprehensive business and corporate tax planning and compliance services, we focus on the following areas:

Record Numbers

With an ever-growing client roster, Meaden & Moore provides corporate tax planning and management services to 3,000-plus clients across the U.S. – as well as clients based in the U.S. with business operations around the globe.

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