Entrepreneurial Business Services

Solid accounting advice from entrepreneurs like you

As an entrepreneur, your business reflects your talent and passion—which is most likely not accounting or financial management. So while you focus your energies on growing your business, certain overarching financial and business obstacles might be keeping you awake at night.  
Rather than pace the floor searching for answers on your own, get some assistance from a nationally strong advisor that operates like an entrepreneur.
Meaden & Moore’s Entrepreneurial Business Services Group clearly understands the financial issues you face, as well as how they affect you, your company, and your family. 

We’ll act as an extension of your business

Depending on your growth plans, business objectives, and personal/family goals, the Meaden & Moore Entrepreneurial Business Services Group can function as controller, CFO and business advisor - providing the accounting skills and experience not available from within your organization. By becoming part of your extended management team, we can provide ongoing, long-term business advisory services that help you meet and reconcile business and personal goals. 
Together, we can define a strategy that enables you to successfully meet your objectives by anticipating and managing changes and challenges as they occur. 

Hands-on care is the way we treat growing pains 

For more than 30 years, Meaden & Moore has treated growth companies as a specialized practice; we clearly understand their exceptional needs.
As your business continues to grow, your needs will change. Our team will provide you with continuous hands-on attention and open lines of communication in order to meet your needs at every stage of organizational development. 
Depending on your requirements, you can choose from:
Roaming Controller, CFO or Business Advisor
Accounting and bookkeeping
Leadership development
Tax planning, preparation and compliance
Succession planning
Retirement plans
Debt restructuring
Management and operational reporting
Budgets, forecasting and projections
Raising capital
Organizational development
System automation consulting
External financial reporting
Business planning and strategy
Merger and acquisitions services
Profit enhancement
Basic systems and controls




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