Litigation Support Services & Consulting

Litigation Support Consulting You Can Trust

Meaden & Moore’s litigation support group applies experience and clarity to answer complicated financial questions in relevant simplified terms. Law firms, corporations, and private equity firms rely on our full service litigation support team to avoid costly litigation. But when litigation becomes necessary, we will assemble an experienced team that knows how to help clients succeed with focused preparation, thoughtful analysis, and expert testimony.

Do you need an alternative source of information or a unique method of damage measurement? Meaden & Moore has amassed the knowledge and a depth of resources to provide you with innovative, credible litigation support.

Our clients count on our expert assistance in preparing interrogatories and requests or documents. Our professionals anticipate needs and access situations that best benefit the case.

We can attend depositions of fact, assist in reviewing the opposition’s work product, and help develop probing questions designed to uncover financial facts essential to each case.

Meaden & Moore also uses supporting details to accurately evaluate and document the amount of damages. Our proactive approach helps clients to uncover any concerns and apply fitting solutions, which is critical in fraud and defalcation situations. Our simple goal is to enhance the potential for full prosecution and restitution. Learn more about our litigation consulting services.

We work collaboratively with you to help you achieve success.

Our Litigation Support Services

  • Loss profits/cash flow
  • Trademark infringement
  • M&A (working capital ADJ)
  • Valuation dispute
  • Partner dispute
  • Whistleblower dispute
  • Measurement of damages
  • Audit defense
  • Contract dispute
  • Realtor agreements
  • SEC
  • Fraud
  • Product liability
  • Purchase price dispute
  • Builder’s risk
  • Business interruption
  • Bankruptcy
  • Loss of earnings
  • Cyber risk


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