Fiduciary Assessment Services

Fulfilling your responsibilities

As a fiduciary, you act solely in the interest of your plan participants and beneficiaries. You provide benefits to participants, while prudently carrying out your duties, following the plan documents, diversifying plan investments, and paying only reasonable plan expenses.
If these responsibilities have become too hard to handle on your own, Meaden & Moore can help. Together, we can improve the fiduciary oversight of your plan and make sure it complies with the federal ERISA statue. 
As fully AIFA® certified professionals, the Meaden & Moore staff has comprehensive understanding of fiduciary responsibilities, gained through successful completion of the training on a fiduciary standard. We compliment that knowledge by training on ISO-like assessment procedures (i.e., FI360). The result—enabling fiduciaries to conform to this standard of excellence.
Fi360 is the leading fiduciary training and resource organization in the United States. Every company that embraces Fi360 shares a common commitment to spreading the knowledge and application of the Prudent Practices for Investment Fiduciaries among brokers, investment advisors, financial planners, and other investment professionals in the U.S. and abroad. The Fi360 curriculum designers develop the AIFA's and other fiduciary training programs, which are delivered to thousands of investment professionals, advisors, and stewards every year.
Fully trained in both fiduciary standards of care and assessment procedures, Meaden & Moore’s AIFA designees can:
Evaluate your organization's current fiduciary practices and recommend actions that address risk areas and help ensure compliance with applicable state and federal statutes and regulations
Create and maintain a comprehensive investment policy statement that documents all the processes and procedures used to manage your portfolio
Serve as a resource for education and assistance to help you understand and fulfill your fiduciary obligations with greater confidence
Assist in developing investment committee roles and responsibilities
Review governance processes
Benchmark investment fees and service costs
Perform protocol reviews
Define risk management processes
Help you comply with regulatory requirements
Define conflict-of-interest policies




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