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Experts in Our Field

The Benefits Practice Group is a distinct business area for Meaden & Moore. We are truly a boutique firm in the benefits arena. Meaden & Moore provides benefit plan consulting, audit, and tax services for more than 200 benefit plans, ranging in size from assets of $1 million to $21 billion. We have committed more than 40 professionals, including six partners, to the practice. We are one of only 109 firms in the United States which audit more than 100 plans. In addition, we audit about 30% of Northeast Ohio’s largest public companies' plans (according to Crain’s 2023 Book of Lists).


Dedicated Resources

In today’s regulatory environment, a strong focus from a firm in the benefits world is needed to navigate the complexity of ERISA, DOL, and IRS regulations surrounding benefit plans. If an issue were to arise with regulatory agencies, Meaden & Moore is fully qualified to represent your organization. We will work together as a collaborative team with you and your outside parties.


Acquiring Success with an Employee Benefit Plan Audit

One of our 401(k) audit clients was experiencing significant growth at the corporate level and acquired two companies over the course of four years. As part of these transactions, they required audits of the acquired entities’ 401(k) plans and turned to us for our expertise.

Are You Considering an ESOP?

Meaden & Moore has assembled a team of professionals with the technical and industry expertise necessary for ESOP implementation to ongoing ESOP management. Our team approach to servicing clients brings better ideas and more diverse thinking to help our clients meet their goals. Our holistic approach to clients provides all-inclusive solutions.

We have relationships with trustees, attorneys, third-party administrators, and financial institutions that assist us in providing the most knowledgeable professional advice available in this very specialized field.


Your Comprehensive ESOP Partner

ESOP Companies

Meaden & Moore understands the accounting, tax, and business issues that at times can be a challenge to ESOPs, and recognize the distinct opportunities an ESOP provides to its employee-owners. As ESOP advisors, we keep our clients informed of current developments that affect ESOPs. We provide comprehensive internal training to assist our staff in becoming highly skilled business advisors.

Our services include audited, reviewed or compiled financial statements, tax planning and preparation, ESOP plan audits, assistance in applying ESOP accounting, employee communication and ESOP education consulting and management transition planning.

Companies Considering an ESOP

In addition to working with ESOP clients, we also help companies consider an ESOP structure. Our team will help you understand how an ESOP works, the benefits and risks of employee ownership, what the process looks like, and whether or not it’s right for you.

Our services include:

  • Transaction Consulting and Assistance
  • Review of ESOP Feasibility Study – Is It Right for Your Company?

The Characteristics of a Healthy ESOP

ESOPs aren't for every organization, but they can be perfect solutions for many businesses. When done right, ESOPs provide employees with great retirement benefits and serve as reliable exit vehicles for owners.

Fiduciary Assessments

As a fiduciary, you act solely in the interest of your plan participants and beneficiaries. You provide benefits to participants while prudently carrying out your duties, following the plan documents, diversifying plan investments, and paying only reasonable plan expenses.

If these responsibilities have become too hard to handle on your own, Meaden & Moore can help. Together, we can improve the fiduciary oversight of your plan and make sure it complies with the federal ERISA statute.


Our Resources

With the benefit of an AIFA® certified professional on staff, Meaden & Moore has a comprehensive understanding of fiduciary responsibilities, gained through successful completion of the training on a fiduciary standard. We complement that knowledge by training on ISO-like assessment procedures (i.e., Fi360). The result – enabling fiduciaries to conform to this standard of excellence.

Fi360 is the leading fiduciary training and resource organization in the United States. Every company that embraces Fi360 shares a common commitment to spreading the knowledge and application of the Prudent Practices for Investment Fiduciaries among brokers, investment advisors, financial planners, and other investment professionals in the U.S. and abroad. The Fi360 curriculum designers develop the AIFA's and other fiduciary training programs, which are delivered to thousands of investment professionals, advisors, and stewards every year.


401(K) Plan Internal Controls Improvements

Remove the worry and fiduciary risk from managing your employee benefit plan. Typically, with first-year employee benefit plan audits, there can be errors in the plan where the plan sponsor is not following the plan’s provisions included in their plan document.

Meet Our Experts

At Meaden & Moore, our people are our most vital asset, providing the strength behind our reputation, technical excellence, and top-notch quality service. Wherever your business operates, you can count on the leaders at Meaden & Moore to provide the comprehensive services you need.

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