What Makes Companies Great?

Recipe for success

It’s a fact. Great companies have great performers in right positions. As you consider your organization, do you see great performers? Do they support your company’s goals? Do they receive the management support they need to improve their effectiveness?

To answer “yes” to all these questions, you can work with Meaden & Moore’s Management Development Group, Ltd. Our experts will work with you to:

  • Get the right talent on your team
  • Develop the talent through tools and education
  • Teach your leaders how to develop their people 
  • Provide excellent value to your organization

Meaden & Moore’s Management Development Group, Ltd. focuses specifically on implementing management and leadership systems and training to maximize leadership growth, increase employee productivity, and enhance performance from a behavioral perspective.

Ensuring a good fit

A critical component of your organization’s success is having the right team in place. For example, do you wonder why some of your employees thrive in their positions, while others struggle every day? It’s all about the right fit. If an individual fits into your culture, then you can expect high levels of satisfaction, productivity, and quality.

Meaden & Moore’s Management Development Group, Ltd. can help you identify the personal characteristics and behaviors that mesh with your culture, and then recruit, hire and develop people who possess those attributes.

When used in conjunction with the Predictive Index® (PI®) System, Meaden & Moore’s management development process predicts, describes, and measures the work behavior and potential of individuals and groups within your organization. The process also includes practical applications for succession planning, team-building, training, career development, conflict resolution, and troubleshooting.

The business leaders at Management Development Group, Ltd. will teach you how to use this time-tested management system; we’ll also provide ongoing consultation and technical support. We can help you collect, analyze, and apply relevant data, as well as develop strategies and action plans to put them to good use—helping you improve productivity, increase profitability, and create an environment where employees thrive.




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