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Maximizing Leadership Growth

To help maximize leadership growth, increase employee productivity, and enhance performance from a behavioral perspective, you can work with our Management Development Group, Ltd. to implement management and leadership systems and training.  We teach leaders how to use human capital analytics to make science-based decisions about your ultimate competitive advantage—your people.  By following our proven best-practice techniques, your leaders will discover how to develop employees and grow lines of business.  We specialize in:


 By training your key leaders, your company gains the knowledge and ability to:

Offer your executive team and managers a common language for managing people
Provide a solid foundation and quantitative data for employee growth and development
Identify, manage and develop your next generation of leaders
Remove the guesswork from hiring and retaining the right talented employees
Effective management and development strategies yield improved performance. The following consulting services and workshops are available in group settings for management teams, or on a one-on-one basis for individual focus.


•Predictive Index®
•Leadership Development
•Team building 
•Human Capital Evaluation
•Succession Planning
•Mergers and Acquisitions
•Sales Force Evaluation and Development
•Selling Skills Assessment Tool™ (SSAT)
•Change Management
•Small Business Services
•PI® for Small Business


Leadership Development
•PI® Management Workshop
•Leading vs. Managing Workshop
•Personal Development Strategies Workshop
Sales Support and Training
•Predictive® Selling Workshop
•Customer Focused Selling™


•Predictive Index System (PI®)
•PRO - Analysis of Behavioral Job Requirements (Job Profiles)
•PI ® Job Validity Studies
•Selling Skills Assessment Tool™ (SSAT)
•PI® Checklist





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