Talent Acquisition

Finding and hiring top talent

To remove the guesswork from the employee selection process, you can use the proven Predictive Index® System. This proprietary system defines the behavioral requirements of a job (PRO™) and identifies the natural behavioral characteristics of a candidate (PI®). You can use this information to perform a fit/gap analysis between a job profile and the personality profile of a candidate. You can also use the data to gain key insights into a candidate’s training and coaching needs, which support the onboarding process.

Improving your hiring success 

Learn how Meaden & Moore’s Predictive Index® System’s behavioral assessment instrument (PI®) and Performance Requirement Options™ (PRO™) job instrument can work together to provide your organization with a talent acquisition process that improves your long-term hiring success. These proven systems work hand in hand with the Talent Acquisition Services:

  • Job definition
  • Job fit/gap analysis
  • Selection and hiring
  • Onboarding




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