Predictive Index® System

Enhancing organizational performance

A powerful combination of assessment, educational training, and consulting services, the proprietary Predictive Index® System empowers managers with the instruments, knowledge, and expert support to enhance organizational performance. This unique model helps your leaders understand what can influence and drive your employees to perform at work.

The Predictive Index (PI®) is a scientifically validated behavioral assessment program that accurately predicts workplace behavior. For more than 55 years, PI has helped organizations of all sizes understand what drives individual and team behavior in the workplace.

This insight into employee behavior enables companies to make the very best decisions in the areas of talent acquisition, talent development, change management, and growth strategies. Available in 60+ languages, this internationally used system provides an in-depth assessment of:

  • Performance drivers
  • Management styles
  • Capabilities
  • Potentials
  • Motivation

Multiple modules, one powerful system

To meet the needs of a wide variety of organizations—in terms of size and industry focus—Meaden & Moore offers a series of predictive services, each concentrating on a different area. Depending on your company’s needs, you can participate in one or more services now, and benefit from additional services at any time.

  • PI® Management Workshop teaches leaders and managers how to objectively manage and develop future leaders, employees, and the organization by utilizing the PI System. The PI Management Workshop teaches leaders and managers how to manage, communicate and develop each employee or new hire.
  • Performance Requirement Options™ (PRO) is a job analysis tool that provides precise and objective information about specific job behavioral requirements, i.e., job profiling.  It can be used for any role, at any level.
  • PI® Checklist— a free-choice, sophisticated instrument available in 60+ languages—has been administered millions of times and is widely recognized as a superior assessment tool with extensive validation. Founded on science and developed for business use, the PI Checklist offers a clear understanding of the behavioral needs and drivers of the talent in your organization.
    • PRO and PI® Checklist work together to match employees or applicants to the behavioral needs of a position at a specific organization.
  • PI® Job Validity Studies support an objective and quantitative examination of the relationships between PI patterns and job performance for a given job in a given company. The results provide a data-driven PI pattern for a particular job. The validity study assesses the job-relatedness (as defined by EEOC guidelines) of the use of PI for a particular job in a particular company. Validity studies are conducted at no charge for Meaden & Moore clients.


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