Preparing for whatever comes next

In the complex technology sector, rapid change is a given. You are under constant pressure to innovate and compete, while also securing adequate capital and turning a profit.
Rather than face these challenges alone, you can work with business advisors who have what it takes to help you prepare for whatever comes next.
Meaden & Moore assembles multi-disciplinary teams to address the intense pressures that technology companies face every day.
We will develop strategies and solve critical business process issues that enable high-tech companies to grow and prosper. Our team will also go well beyond routine corporate tax services and accounting to address some of the more complex and critical issues that keep you awake at night like:
  • Equity funding
  • Growth strategies
  • Merger and acquisition opportunities
  • Critical accounting policies
  • Tax planning
  • Risk management
  • Compensation planning
As northeastern Ohio continues its evolution from a manufacturing base to a more technology-driven economy, Meaden & Moore is changing right along with it—offering the experience and expertise to support this emerging market. Contact us today to learn more.




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