Giving consumers what they want—more information

Consumers are in love with online information. They want information—in all its many and varied forms—to be always available online.
As the transition from print to digital technology escalates, media and publishing companies struggle to define a new business model that meets their customers’ needs, while also ensures a profit. In fact, many media and publishing companies are discovering that even though they deliver more value with online offerings, they earn less profit.
The seasoned professionals at Meaden & Moore understand the business challenges created by the online media environment. 
To help you meet these challenges, we can assemble a multi-disciplinary team that will examine your operation holistically, and then recommend a strategy for adding value and improving profitability.

Strategic approach to success

Going beyond traditional accounting, assurance, and corporate tax planning services, Meaden & Moore provides a comprehensive portfolio of business consulting and publishing accounting services that help facilitate a more strategic, proactive approach for optimizing your organization’s success.

To learn how Meaden & Moore’s accounting and business consulting services can help your publishing company, contact us today.



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