ERP for the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries

ERP for the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries

ERP solutions designed for use in the both the medical and pharmaceutical industries must be able to comply with the FDA regulations, especially record-keeping and lot-tracking. Implementing an FDA-compatible ERP system should help an organization meet the traceability requirements, but will also link all functional departments resulting in improved operations, productivity, and increased profitability.

Manufacturing pharmaceuticals may require days or weeks of materials being tested and quarantined until determined to be fit for use. Similarly in the medical industry tracking, recording, and retrieving relevant / timely testing data is imperative. Evaluate the ERP solution’s ability to track raw materials including packaging from receipt, through production, and ultimately to the delivered finished products.

It is especially important to be able to track the lot numbers and identifying information / QC data such as specific gravity, particle size, pH, chemical composition, specifications from supplier spec sheets, and certificates of analysis.

The ERP solution should enable flexibility through tools such as work flow, for example, in order to adapter to your unique business processes. It is essential that an ERP system is able to manage formulations and routing data, descriptive information, technical and physical properties, quantities in user-definable units, costing information, notes, and transactional auditing.

An ERP system should allow you to manage processes from product design/R&D, engineering change, and record and documentation control. Providing ready access to information throughout the manufacturing process including field service support and warranty support are other examples unique informational needs of the medical device industry.

Over the past decade we have compiled and audited over 100 ERP software vendors, including those that support the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Using our proprietary knowledge base our experienced professionals will guide your team to accurately define and classify your organization’s information technology needs and select an ERP solution that meets those specific needs.