Construction technology is constantly evolving, with innovations ranging from drones and robotics to augmented reality and Blockchain technology. The construction industry is going through a technological renaissance that only continues to grow. With new materials, designs, and greater uses of digital and mobile, technology continues to change the way that we live and work.

Contemporary construction companies are now using technology in a variety of ways, accelerating the construction process and streamlining communications along the way. The new technologies are being used to get work done quicker, cheaper, and with more precise detail. Therefore, construction companies stand to benefit greatly with respect to productivity, profitability, and overall effectiveness as a business.

In this article, you will learn:

  • How drones help improve the construction process, as well as the performance of a company in various ways, even before the shovel breaks the ground
  • The benefits of augmented reality and how this emerging technology will help its users gain advantages over their competitors by performing “what if” scenarios
  • How robotics can enhance worker safety and improve construction speed and quality
  • How to mitigate proper payment with Blockchain technology and automate the information process with more efficiency

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