Our Mission

Guiding Principles 

Do whatever it takes to provide an outstanding experience for clients, rewarding careers for staff, and diligent service to our communities.  

Commitment to Our Clients

We are dedicated to our clients’ success and define our own success in terms of theirs.  We will strive to understand their needs and to exceed their expectations by delivering exceptional accounting, tax, and business consulting services-always providing outstanding value.  And we will continuously renew our resources so that we bring our clients the most up-to-date information, methodologies and know-how.

Commitment to Our Staff

At Meaden & Moore, the staff members are the firm.  We value our professional well-being and that of our colleagues.  We will provide challenging career paths with ample opportunities for growth and professional development.  We will also continue to build our staff capabilities through training, career planning, and effective recruitment of the “best and brightest.”  We will create an environment that nurtures creativity, innovation, and teamwork.  And we will honor excellence and reward contribution on the part of both individuals and groups. 

Commitment to Community

We will be constructive, dedicated and active members of the communities where we work and live.  We will encourage and support equal opportunity, diversity, sustainability and growth, education and personal initiative.

Commitment to Quality

We believe that we can best serve our clients, our staff, and our communities by always improving the quality of everything we do.  We are committed to the process of becoming a continuously self-improving organization.

Commitment to Integrity

We will make no ethical compromise in pursuit of these goals.