Accounting & Tax Alerts

October 2014

Ohio Unclaimed Funds


September 2014

You Might Have a Workers Compensation Refund Coming  


August 2014

New Revenue Rules to Impact Contractors

Ready or Not - Here Comes FATCA!


July 2014

House Passes Permanent Extension of Bonus Depreciation

IRS Releases New 1023-EZ Form, Application for 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Status


June 2014

Tax Relief for Ohioans 

Important Changes to the Offshore Account Compliance Program

Uniform Cost Report Rules and Actual Uniform Cost Report Agreed Upon Procedures Rules Rescinded


May 2014

FASB and IASB Issue their Joint Revenue Recognition Standard 


March 2014

FASB Approved Private Company Council Proposal


February 2014

Affordable Care Act: More Relief In-store for The Employer Mandate


January 2014

FASB Approves Two Private Company Council Proposals


December 2013

Tax Advisory 2013

2014 Retirement Plan Limits 


October 2013

Ohio Incumbent Workforce Training Voucher Program - New Online Application for Round 2


September 2013

Will Your Investment Income Be Subject to The New 3.8% NIIT?

Employer's Notification to Employees of ACA's Insurance Exchanges

Ohio Incumbent Workforce Training Voucher Program


August 2013

FASB and Private Company Council Releases Proposal for Optional Exemption from Consolidation of Variable Interest Entities

New IRS Website Provides Health Care Law Information

Now’s the Time to Consider Short-term GRATs

Don’t Skimp on S Corporation Salaries


 July 2013

Think Twice Before Taking an Early Withdrawal From a Retirement Plan

Ohio Budget Bill Tax Highlights

Employer Health Insurance Mandate Delayed until January 2015 

How Telecommuting Can Expose Employers to Unexpected Taxes


June 2013

Financial Reporting Framework for Small- and Medium-Sized Entities

The New 0.9% Medicare Tax: Watch Out for Withholding Issues

Is Your Company Ready for the New 2014 Provisions of the Affordable Care Act? 

Work Opportunity Credit for Certain 2013 New Hires Can Save You Tax


May 2013

Planning to Make a Large Cash Gift for High School Graduation?

Why 2013 May Be the Year to Make That Car or Boat Purchase You’ve Been Thinking About

Internet Sales Tax Act Passes U.S. Senate  

Alternative-Asset IRAs: Handle with Care

Be Prepared for the Health Care Act’s “Play or Pay” Provision


April 2013

Portability Doesn’t Preclude the Need for Marital Transfers and Trusts

April 15 has Passed — Now What?

The Perils of Filing for an Extension

The Revived Research Credit Can Still Reduce Your 2012 Tax Bill

IRS Provides Penalty Relief to Certain Late Filers


March 2013

Ohio Joins List of States Offering Favorable Domestic Asset Protection Laws

Do you Need to File a 2012 Gift Tax Return by April 15?

Still Time to Make a 2012 IRA Contribution

Ohio Use Tax Amnesty Program Set to Expire

You Don’t Have to be a Manufacturer to Take the “Manufacturers’ Deduction”


February 2013

Lower FSA Contribution Limit May Make HSAs More Attractive

You Might Save More by Deducting State and Local Sales Taxes  

Ohio Budget Proposal: Income Tax Cuts, Lower Sales Tax Rate but Higher Base and Much More

Can Recently Enhanced Sec. 179 Expensing Reduce Your 2012 Taxes?

Making the Most of 2012 Education Credits


January 2013

IRS Makes Deducting Home Office Expenses Easier

Newly Revived Charitable IRA Rollovers: Time is Running Out for 2012 Tax Savings

What 2013 Tax Law Changes Mean for Tax Withholding

Determination Letter Filing Deadline for Retirement Plans

Fiscal Cliff Update: American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012


December 2012

Two Reasons to Sell Highly Appreciated Assets Before Year-end 

Why Businesses Should Consider Purchasing Vehicles Before Year-end

2012 Tax Advisory

The 2012 Gift Tax Annual Exclusion: Use it or Lose it

Save More Tax with Donations of Appreciated Stock


November 2012

Rare Window of Opportunity for Estate Planning is Closing

Projecting Income Can Allow Businesses to Use Timing to their Tax Advantage

With Election Results In, What’s Next for Tax Law Changes?

Lock In The 0% Long-term Capital Gains Rate While It’s Still Available


October 2012

Clarified U.S. Auditing Standards

2012 Year-End Accounting Changes

Why 2012 May Be The Right Year for a Roth IRA Conversion 

Make the Most of Depreciation-Related Breaks While You Can 

What's on the Mind of Manufacturers?

Time is Running Out for Tax-free Treatment of Home Mortgage Debt Forgiveness 


September 2012

Congress Recesses Until After the Election; Tax Law Uncertainty Remains

Why You May Want to Incur Medical Expenses Before Year-end

How to Verify that a Charity is Eligible to Receive Tax-deductible Contributions

Need to Hire?  Consider Veterans