Private Equity

Achieving the desired results

In today’s complex regulatory environment, it is increasingly important for fund managers to go above and beyond the services traditionally offered to investors, while at the same time gaining efficiencies in compulsory compliance areas. Meaden & Moore has assembled a dynamic team of professionals who are committed to the Private Equity and Private Office industry.  We have been working with firms like yours for over 95 years, and we are acutely aware of the breadth of issues facing your industry. 


Investors are your lifeblood. The better their investment return and the service that they receive from you, the more likely they are to invest in your future funds. 
We can help you manage these relationships and maintain the level of service that your investors expect.  Our team can offer you and your investor’s professional support which will increase transparency and promote an open line of communication. We are committed to educating your investors about their investment.


Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Services - How valuable would it be to have an experienced CFO as part of the deal team? And, how important would it be to have that CFO remain onsite throughout the integration period? We recognize that a recently acquired portfolio company may not have the professional management depth that you require. That is why we have partnered with Beacon CFO Plus to integrate an experienced CFO as part of our team.
Employee Benefit Plan Services - When portfolio companies are added, it is important to ensure the employee benefit plans are operating appropriately to mitigate Department of Labor exposure and potentially costly penalties.
Transaction Services - Our team can provide comprehensive due diligence and quality of earnings analyses for your middle market acquisitions and divestitures. The depth and flexibility of our team can provide you with the support that you require at a moment’s notice.
Portfolio Company Valuation Services - Valuing your portfolio companies is an increasingly important requirement for financial reporting to investors. Our team can provide valuation services and is keenly aware of the financial issues that can impact value.


Back-Office Support Functions - Our experienced bookkeeping team is comprised of certified professionals who can take the hassle out of requirements for internal reporting and tax filings. We have a built-in control structure that will assist in the appropriate segregation of duties required of your accounting department.
Risk Assessment Services - Risk assessment at the fund level is of vital importance to identify deficiencies in internal controls and to minimize reporting exposure. Deficiencies in internal controls can leave companies open to fraudulent activity. Our team includes investigative accountants who can perform a comprehensive review of your fund’s entity structure, operations and internal controls.


It is critical for fund management to respond rapidly when there is suspicion of fraud. Fraud can occur in many areas within the fund, the management company, at a portfolio company, or elsewhere.


It is vital to meet the numerous assurance and tax requirements at all levels of your firm. Our team can painlessly keep you compliant. Meaden & Moore is PCAOB certified to do SEC work and custody audits. Our geographic diversity can cover all of the potential locations that your portfolio companies might occupy.  Our services include:
•Audits and reviews
•Tax returns
•Tax minimization assessment
•Custody audits
To learn how Meaden & Moore’s advisory services can help you get a better return for your investors, contact us today.




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