Construction - ERP


The construction industry may be classified into major subgroups including General Contractors, Specialty Contractors, Heavy and Highway Contractors, and Other. According to a 2009 Gartner Research article total technology spending in the construction industry was roughly $25 billion while utilities spent about $114 billion for technology during the same year.
ERP solutions designed for use in the construction industry are gaining more attention in recent years. For many companies, IT plays a significant role in efficient design and construction delivery, and it is important as a productivity tool throughout the construction lifecycle. Contractors are embracing technology to stay connected. Another trend that is taking place is an increasing use of wireless and mobile technologies for use in the field. They are also increasing and improving information security within the networks and operating systems. 
ERP solutions that support the construction industry range widely in their capabilities. While most offer varying degrees of essential project management tools, others are adding features such as CAD tools and/or interfacing with leading third party solutions. Other key requirements within the construction industry are estimating/quoting, job costing, project scheduling, service management, purchasing, accounting, HR and payroll tracking, and third-party reporting tools.
Over the past decade we have reviewed and audited over 100 ERP software vendors, including those that support the construction industry. Using our proprietary knowledge base our experienced professionals will guide your team to accurately define and classify your organization’s information technology needs and select an ERP solution that meets those specific needs.

Construction ERP Vendor List